Private Puppy Lessons

Each package is designed to help set boundaries, rules and limitations during the formative months of the early puppy stages. 

This package consists of 10, 1 hour long training sessions over a 20 week long period. We grow up with you and your puppy.—$900

Package 4: Basic Commands, Leash Handling, Extended Stay, Leave It, Touch, Squares, Place, How to Answer the Door, Park/ Distractions, Down, Tricks, Feeding, Nipping, Jumping, Crate Training, House Breaking


Group Puppy Lessons

Our 4 Week Puppy Course will build the foundation that is needed to gain control and leadership skills in the beginning weeks of your new puppy.

What will you learn?

  • socialization

  • basic commands, i.e. sit and come

  • crate training

  • house breaking

  • feeding

  • nipping/biting

  • jumping